“We design every website to ensure a perfect balance of form and function”

David Robinson, Creative Director

Website Design

Good design is a key ingredient to the success of a website. It encompasses more than just the look and feel of the site. It also includes the site framework, ensuring ease of use through logical structure and intuitive navigation,  in order to provide optimal user flow. Clean and concise page layout clearly presenting key information, coupled with an attractive user interface (UI) provides maximum functionality.

We apply a proven and rigorously tested process to our web design and this guarantees that the websites which we produce always deliver on their core aims. We begin by determining the key goals of the client`s site. We then research the target market to establish user personas and their requirements. Next, we produce wireframes to understand the user flow, from which we can develop rough designs to presents concepts for discussion and feedback. We then refine the designs into full website design for user testing, so that revisions can be made, and then we can move forward into the development stage.

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